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Leo Louis Martello;*article "Gay Power: What Sort of Slogan Is This?

" by Angelo D'Arcangelo (author of the classic "Homosexual Handbook");*article "The Gay Vote" by Mattachine President Dick Leitsch;*short news article "Bookshop Employees Arrested: Plainclothesmen Charge Sale of Pornography" (regarding The Studio Bookshop, then at 500 Hudson Street);*article 'Homosexuals Weep While Hollywood Sucks!

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"; "The Haven" - "A Fruit-Juicer's Heaven"; and the "Haymarket" - "Make out at the Haymarket while the moon shines! 'That most potent of all weapons is the homosexual sense of camp.'");*article "There's Money In Madness" by Angelo d'Arcangelo (on Charles W. It is believed that he has moved to another large city since the murder");*delightful article "A Dissection of the Fruit Fly: Doin' the Fag Hag Rag" by John Francis Hunter (with two photographs, one of Barbra Streisand, and one of Judy Garland);*article "The Limp Arm of the Law" by Angelo d'Arcangelo (on five gay men who were attacked and brutally beaten, with three photos);*second and final installment of exclusvie interview with Christine Jorgensen (with splendid photograph of Ms.

Jorgensen looking at an issue of GAY);*article "Is Shea Stadium Ready For Our Team - Why Not?

On the night of Friday, November 19, Suffolk County Police, not previously noted for their generosity, gave local gays the gift of their first bona-fide raid. - Stuart Ostrow, producer of the hit Broadway musical '1776' is suing Steve Ostrow [no relation], owner of the Continental Baths..$1,500,000 on the grounds that the regular Friday and Saturday night cabaret entertainment at the Continental constituted 'unfair competition, defamation of the right of privacy' and had caused him - Stuart Ostrow - 'public embarrassment and exposure to public ridicule'"; with photo of Steve Ostrow, owner of the Continental Baths); The Gay Activists Alliance, whose symbol was the lower case Greek letter lambda, was founded in New York City following the historical Stonewall Inn Riot by dissident members of the Gay Liberation Front.

Ho-hum, the reader may say, another raid, but the almost unbelievable stupidity and viciousness of the pigs involved, and the commendable reaction of the bar's management to the incident, endow this particular bust with special distinction..."); by Leo Skir and Jack Nichols (Leo Skir describes running into Allen Ginsberg at Nathan's on 8th Street "eating oysters and about to go home"; Jack Nichols describes a telephone conversation with Ginsberg; the articles are accompanied by a photograph of Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky);" by John P. Their New York City headquarters on Wooster Street, Greenwich Village, was torched and destroyed by arsonists in 1974.

The Plight of the Gay Student" by Diane Devlin (with photo);*cover photo and inside article by Gay Liberation Front member Kathy Wakeham entitled "A Girl About Town: Kathy Goes Kruising"; edited by Lige Clarke and Jack Nichols, and published by Al Goldstein (of "Screw" Magazine) and their Four Swords, Inc. A large, left-folded newspaper containing 20 pages including front and rear covers.