Trisha dating someone

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The Couple Trisha and Jason describe themselves as complete opposites. Jason has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UT Arlington and is working toward a Master in Systems Engineering at SMU.

” It is through their differences that they have grown: Jason teaches Trisha about his love for old-school music and Trisha teaches Jason about the world through travel.

Sources think that Avi is just embarrassed and that he would never have Trisha as a girlfriend. Fans quickly come to both of their defense, urging Trisha to expose his true mean ways and for Avi to defend himself.

Avi has never been in any drama before but Trisha is almost everyday, so fans are questioning how credible she is and how credible the whole situation is Trisha claims that Avi is arrogant. things I cannot stand; liars , manipulators and users and @Avi_Kaplan is all 3!

You never know, maybe he is feeding her lies and she thinks that he loves her, but according to sources.. We don't know what exactly kicked this off, Trisha is keeping that under wraps. The ONE person I thought loved me unconditionally turned out to be the biggest snake of them all.