Spiritual leadership in dating

But as I reflected on this back at Forum 2017, I didn’t feel like I was being as intentional about my belief in love.

I was rushing through things to get to the next thing.

The organizational operating models that provide the baseline for a smooth-running enterprise during normal times evaporate during a crisis, throwing the leadership into a morass of uncertainty and chaos.

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You can always make the time in any situation to express love to another through listening, compassion, respect, and kindness.

If you lead with love, it makes less room for the things you do that cause harm.

"There was an unmistakable crack of a firearm..another and another. Customers and employees seeking cover and darting for the exits. one hollers, followed by more screams and shots..." Unfortunately, this scene is playing out in more and more businesses, government agencies, and in public spaces around the country.

With economic turmoil shattering lives, we can only expect these crises to grow and pose an ever-increasing challenge for leaders.

On the surface, the Five Practices may not seem to apply to a world turned upside down.