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The files are set to loop automatically and are ideal to play via this site’s links, through an estim box, such as an ET-312b power unit, E-stim Systems 2b or the BTStim 4 channel.

Please note, these files are linked to our users’ websites and streaming services, and are not hosted on

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This track is ideal for your bound sub in a BDSM scenario. We recommend a large anal trode near the prostate for B, and a urethral trode for A.

It’s a long session, interspersing waves of pleasure with bursts of raw jolts to kill an erection. This track works is excellent both as a stero and a tri-phase setup – use a cock ring or a pad underneath your balls as the common trode with Tri Phase.

This track will take you to outer space and beyond with a wide variation of pleasurable and slightly stinging sensations.