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You are welcome to reuse, redistribute, and/or edit the script under the terms of the MIT License. You may need to install some additional modules from CPAN.

Then you'll probably want to set the script to run once a day via cron or some other task scheduler.

Sinfest doesn't get over my "follow this comic" Good Strip to Bad Strip ratio, but I must admit, when it's good, it's REALLY GOOD. Sinfest was one of the first webcomics I started following, back in the days when just having a webcomic with a regular update schedule and art that didn't suck made you a big deal in the online world, and a two-year archive was considered enormous.

I can't recall it having missed a single update since.

No matter how many times I've read (or re-read) these strips, they still make me burst out laughing!

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