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She had to lay there in agony while she saw the light fade from his eyes. She kept it a secret, and endured the pain privately, until I found out. Don't believe all you read and see on TV, love isn't like that.

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I'm sure there are some that do, but they're the weird ones, not us. Rachel told me I 'rocked her world', and that she'd soon be done with her phase. I was good enough for the moment, but she was interviewing others to see who would be an upgrade and take my place. Mom and Teri had disappeared, while I was lost in my reverie.

I wasn't a virgin when I came to this college, and my first year was alright, but the last year and a half had been amazing. She swore I was her favorite, that she was just getting things out of her system after seven years of misery and a failed marriage. The thoughts racing through my mind distracted me enough to miss the end of the conversation.

Lay back, let them have their fun, and dream that we're somewhere else doing something nice. Then there had been Courtney (also not her real name). She swore she loved me, and that I had changed her life. I quickly got off the couch and snuck out to the garage.

There are people who enjoy pain, who like humiliation, there are all kinds of weirdoes in the world." This all was a frightening revelation to me. But she also told me she wasn't ready to settle down, and that she was too old for me. Three weeks before summer break after my sophomore year, Rachel and I stopped seeing each other. She'd be interviewing my replacements over the holidays, now that she had learned what she could from me. Listening carefully, I heard their voices in the back of the house, coming from Mom's bedroom.

I am writing again, and looking forward to posting more and reading your feedback. Vocabulary: - ambivalent, convoluted, cognizant, commiserate, deft - diaphanous, enigma, inclination, irascible, ire - lament, lassitude, miscreant, nefarious, pristine - raiment, subterfuge, torrid, torpid, veracity ============================== My Christmas Vacation - by Travis Porter First, let me say that the names of the women involved have been changed to protect their identity. Like so many, the path I followed was paved with good intentions. I couldn't help but think about Rachel and Courtney. Mom still had her job to go to everyday, and Teri had a week of classes to go. After four days of confusion and agony pondering the enigma before me, I had to do something.