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So, I started with a family physician and had blood work done. THEN, in August of 2007 I started losing a lot of my hair again and am continuing to shed excessively.

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I am not at this time, but am married and want to at some point.

Also, I’m on Mircette birth control, but have been on birth control since I was 20.

The fact that you have been on it for about 7 years prior to experiencing hair loss sort of makes me think that perhaps your feelings are right that it wouldn’t be the culprit of your hair loss, having said that I don’t think you should rule it out completely as a contributing factor. Some drugs can lower the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, do you take any other prescriptions?

My idea behind that is, if you start taking a medication that can possibly lower the effectiveness of the oral contraceptive then would similar to having stopped the pill…

Mircette is a low androgenic kind so I’m not worried that it’s the culprit to my hair loss.