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I enjoy intimacy just as much as the next person but always applaud other people’s choice to abstain from sex.I met an older gentleman, recently divorced, who was actively practicing celibacy.So, you’ve made the decision to abstain from sex until marriage? You are dating while celibate and you’ve joined many other singles who have made this personal and spiritual choice, including Meagan Good and Tamara Mowry who both decided to become celibate while they were dating.

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[Read More...]Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love With a western economy in the doldrums Millions of aspiring career women are being pushed to work harder than ever before.

A lot of people, both men & women, have admitted to being celibate at some point in their lives.

You also may have some questions about how to talk about sex with the person you’re dating. Also, you’ll want to clearly state your requirements. It’s important to make this distinction because you don’t want to associate sex with shame or guilt in your mind or the mind of your potential partner.

I want to help you stick with your decision and find a person who is willing to walk this journey with you by giving you 3 tips for having the conversation about celibacy with the person you’re dating. If you’re abstaining until marriage, make sure that you share this, otherwise the other person may have an expectation that they can change your mind! You also don’t want the other person to feel like you’re punishing them because of your decision to abstain.

When sex is taken off the table, the whole process of ‘getting to know each other’ becomes more sincere, as you are naturally forced to engage in conversation.

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