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magnetostratigraphic dating of loess deposits in china-37

Abstract Magnetostratigraphic analysis is a key method to constrain the geochronology of sedimentary stratum, which can provide important data for the Cenozoic basins in western China especially, including chronostratigraphic and geological evolution.

Detailed magnetostratigraphic analyses in Western China(, the Qaidam Basin, Kunlun Mountains, Xining Basin, Qilian Shan, and so on) have contributed to a better understanding of the processes and intensity of Cenozoic tectonic uplift and deformation in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau.

These loess-paleosol sequences provide a key archive of past climate change in humid, subtropical regions.

However, the ages of the sequences are not well constrained.

Because geological events are not very simple processes, several factors will influence its record in sedimentary sequences.