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While this is still a seven year period it is considerably tighter than the thirty year period we started with.

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Prices for the Tots ran as follows: Jack Linsky was the man behind Parrot Speed Fastener/Speed Fastener/Swingline. He found a German firm that produced one with clear advantages over the ones then available in the US and with an initial investment of $500 started Parrot Speed Fastener Corp. The Babe was soon copied by others and Linsky, who was unable to convince the manufacturer to keep improving their stapler, decided in 1931 to go into the business of manufacturing staplers and staples himself.

Jack Linsky died June 3, 1980 at the age of 83 in Palm Beach, FL.

The name of this stapler, Tot 50, is in reference to the year 1950 when it was introduced. The modern Tots use standard staples, are designed differently, come in different models, have a smaller “throat”, and are rated to staple only up to 12 sheets of paper at a time.

There were three versions of the Tot 50 and there is a modern series of Tot staplers still made today that continue on the tradition. The original Tot 50 was rated for up to 20 sheets of paper and could also be used for tacking.

By 1989 they were also advertising this model in New Pastel Colors so it isn’t unusual to find this version in colors like lavender.