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The idea that we can work together for something better is a theme throughout Du Vernay's video, which shows women from all walks of life, the Founding Mothers, rewriting the Constitution.

Beyoncé has re-written her family's legacy by choosing to try again with Jay.

Looking at the headpiece, it's hard not to also compare it to the one Egyptian queen Nefertiti wears, which is also what Beyoncé wore in her video for "Sorry." In that video, it's Bey's braided hair wound together that forms Nefertiti's headdress. That song was Beyoncé's anthem, her middle finger to her husband's infidelity and his desire for "Becky with the good hair," who Jay references on this song ("Yeah, I'll fuck up a good thing if you let me/Let me alone, Becky.") She wasn't interested listening to his excuses and no, she wasn't sorry.

As the album goes on, we know that Beyoncé opened up to the idea of forgiveness.

But the Grammy winner has never come out and said outright that he stepped out on her.