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Nobody in Toulon pretends that the place is Mayberry.It once was, maybe, in the 1950s, when the town supported an active Main Street, four car dealers, four new farm implement dealers, and three doctors; when the city constable was a one-armed geezer who patrolled on foot and shook business doors to check the locks; when America valued its farmers. In Toulon, as in many small towns, young people worry about opportunity.A newcomer who buys the Williams house will live in Toulon a decade before residents stop referring to it as the Williams place.

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“He wanted people to be afraid of him, and spent years making threats.” People filed numerous complaints against Thompson.

Mayors, city councils, prosecutors, and law enforcement seemed powerless to stop him.

Streicher had been on the force just three months, but he handled his rounds with confidence.

On a Friday night like this one, an ambitious deputy might nab some beer-chugging teenagers or issue a “Settle down, folks” to a bickering couple. He nosed around the Stark County deputy’s office—there was usually something if you looked—and found a five-month-old warrant for the arrest of a local man.

It seemed routine enough—the man had failed to pay some court fees and had missed his court date.