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While their viewpoints are opposite, the recounted events and characters match each other in convincing detail.As I point out in my new full-color book, Genesis Characters and Events in Ancient Greek Art , and here, neither Noah nor Nimrod is depicted incidentally or casually.

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(Author provided) The first three labors of Nimrod/Herakles, reconstructed above by Holmes Bryant as they appeared on the temple of Zeus at Olympia, boast of his conquest of the most powerful animals of the land, water, and air: the lion of Nemea, the fearsome Hydra of Lerna, and the vicious man-attacking birds of Lake Stymphalos.

Mr Johnson is the author of The Parthenon Code Mankind rsquo s History in Marble translated into French and Greek and Noah in Ancient Greek Art His latest book is the full-color Genesis Characters and Events in Ancient Greek Art Read More For thousands of years, people all over the ancient world claimed to have the powers of foresight.

On all three he looks very old, he is seated as if on a throne, and he holds a scepter, a symbol of rule.