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Although Dartmoor jail is surrounded by treacherous swamps, 12 prisoners have managed to escape in the last 3 years. The setting is around the early 60's on the British countryside. The acting is temporarily pretty poor, some shots are just cheesy, and, what annoys me the most, the actors and the scenery are German, yes, even the plate of the prison, is written in German, although it takes place in Britain.

He clashes immediately with Inspector Cornwell from Scotland Yard, who's arrived at Dartmoor Inn near the prison, too, for an official investigation. So, a storyline we've seen nearly a thousand times, which isn't really convincing in this case.

The names and attitudes of the characters are so much stereotyped, it seems, the production team didn't took much work on that.

But the soundtrack is very nice, good matching parts for some different shots and scenes.

Nuestras 102 habitaciones son modernas y alegres, con ventanas insonorizadas y abundante luz natural.