Dating with young children

At times, it has seemed as though the only thing we accomplished at Mass was the exercise of standing and walking with a grumpy baby.

pagdating ng araw cesar montano lyrics - Dating with young children

As parents, and leaders of our domestic church, we are responsible for forming our children in our Catholic faith.

There is no more important experience to Catholics than the Mass, so it is crucial to help children understand and participate in liturgy as much as they are able.

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Sometimes at the end of Mass a parishioner comes up to us and says “Your three children are SO well behaved! We work at it” or “Thank you, some days are better than others.” The “better” days are the product of years of articles and brochures we read on taking children to Mass. Before Church In taking our children to Mass we operate on the principle that we need to teach our children how to be in church as long as it does not distract others around us from their prayer.