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This day would be the last time I'd call her my girlfriend. Yes, you heard it, I find my own mother attractive.And believe me, several of my friends reminded me daily of it, to them she was the so called 'MILF' of the neighborhood."Don't sweat it Jenny, anything for you, being my girlfriend and all ha-ha! Well, after this day my whole life changed in a blink of an eye.

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She was always busy with them, often more out of the house than inside of it.

If I had to describe her then she would be a younger version of my mother, In the same mindset that is. Deb was fit, where Mom had the extra meat, she had the muscles. Oh, did I also mentioned that she was very attractive? Before the divorce we were like best-buddies, even if she was four years older than me.

The three females from above were very important to me and I would do anything to protect them." "And I did protect them, over my own well-being." ***** Night Jake drove back to his house after he had forgotten to bring the booze that he was supposed to have with him for Alex's party, Alex was home-alone this weekend and decided to throw a house party for his friends.

"Jake, how the hell can you forget the booze, you idiot!

(*If you look up: 'Gates the Opening Ulya' on Google images then you can see a pretty good resemblance of what I had in mind) Body wise she had also changed in those five years, now think of a combination between my Mom and Deb. Yes, my older sister was a totally knockout, a beautiful female specimen I would have to say. She became distant, it was like she tried to ignore me for some reason.

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    Last night, while I was studying – my light burnt out.

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    I left Aaron alone for a while both because I wasn’t sure what else to say and because if it were me, I would have wanted time and space.

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    Key in all of this, though, is that I questioned absolutely everything – as is absolutely necessary in a religious conversion. You have to listen carefully to your intuition and your heart.