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I’m not saying American culture should roll back the clock, I’m saying that we should be aware that the previous waves of feminism came to give more freedom, not less of it. I think it would be ridiculous for anyone to place their value and identity entirely around a partner, whether that’s a man with a woman, or a woman with a man.With an American girlfriend of the past, I sometimes felt that my presence in her life was as a placeholder in the larger tapestry of how she saw herself. It could’ve been my youth, and that of my girlfriends at the time, but it also seemed to me that I was interchangeable in this mosaic of her life.I sometimes get the feeling that focusing on teaching girls how capable they are at working into reality whatever their dreams happen to be has also placed on them a burden into their young adulthood.

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Untouched by hyper religious politics and America’s still lingering “frontier” cultural hangover, they seem more worldly and cosmopolitan.

For an American, dating a European woman offers some interesting advantages:• Sense of style: I grew up in the midwest, so until college I thought sweat pants were appropriate “going out” attire.

By Law, this can not be done from Russia, Ukraine, Asia or South America.

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