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It will now be consulting on what a likely law curtailing the actions of bailiffs will look like.

"Too many people have experienced intrusive, expensive and stressful bailiff action and more often than not, the public do not hold bailiffs in high regard," Jonathan Djanogly MP, secretary of state at the MOJ, said.

They can seize goods straight away or come back another time, break in if necessary, and seize items then.

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For the uninitiated, a bailiff is someone whose job it is to take away things belonging to people who owe money.

The things are then sold and the money is used to pay back the debt.

Gaining peaceful access to a property is a key issue when bailiffs first visit.

Once they've been inside your home once, they have certain rights.

But although bailiffs are oftenpainted as the bad guys, industry insiders argue that their work is crucial to society, and not a particularly nice job to do."The general public don't realise that over half of the debts that private bailiffs deal with are for criminal penalties like drugs, prostitution, assault and possession of offence weapons," explains Jamie Waller,chief executive of bailiffs JBW Group.