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I called the number for Sony, and after being put on hold for one hour, I was told they would not honor an RA number for a new set. As a customer of Sony products for our own home as we have one in each room, I thought that Sony would stand by their product. This is a direct rip off by Sony as they are well aware of this problem. yesno10/1/11 We have experienced severe problems with our 60" SXRD (model KDS-60A2020, serial no: 9008770).

I paid over $100 from my money for the technician to come and not even touch the TV with one finger, just used the remote control to turn it on and then fill the paper with "LCD needs replacement", cost of replacement $2700. Sony called me the next day to present me the "options" who suddenly became "the option".

They wanted to offer me a TV of a discounted price.

So, their new TV does not function well, and aside from that, their service is very poor. We had a technician look at it and he said it was a bad panel, like everyone else here, there are many horizontal lines across the picture. The product has not arrived yet and it's now September 22.

Talking to their customer relations people is useless. I called them and the product was supposed to be sent via Fedex. I should be getting some kind of compensation for the late delivery. yesno9/23/11 I am so upset with my Sony TV right now, I will never buy another Sony TV again.

After the parts come, they can schedule the next appointment.