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STELLA'S CONDO - PHILADELPHIA - INTERCUT STELLA BRIDGER, 27, crushingly attractive, has just stepped out of the shower, hair still wet, body wrapped in a towel.

STELLA (toweling her hair) Why not bring it by yourself? He leaves the store and heads for the HOTEL ELEVATOR.

JOHN BRIDGER You know what fine, stands for, don't you? CHARLIE You've become quite the philosopher since you quit drinking.

Charlie is young to run his own crew but he's a born leader. SWISH PAN TO: LYLE, 21, brilliant and punctilious, fingering the keyboard of his strap-on supercharged laptop. We're talkin' 100 meter horizontal accuracy, 156 meter vertical accuracy, .340 nanoseconds time accuracy. Steve has an arrogant confidence mixed with the hint of a smile.

With the GRINDING of gears, a crane lifts it off the dock and carries it onto a ship. HOTEL ROOM - SAME TIME Through night-vision binoculars, CHARLIE CROKER, 28, watches the mysterious crate.

A circle pulsates on the monitor, a beacon to the crate in the ship. UNDER THE BOAT - NIGHT Half-Ear still clings to the ladder. Through the headset inside his gear, he HEARS: LYLE (V.

CUT TO: TWO BRIGHT CIRCLES IN A SEA OF DARKNESS Coming closer... It's Charlie and John Bridger, in scuba gear, riding torpedo-shaped Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) that pull them through the deep blue sea at a good 5 m.p.h. A Global Satellite Positioning Device is mounted on the handlebar of Charlie's DPV, being fed information via Lyle's laptop.


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