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A.’s most clear-cut cases of career-before-connubiality. “Cathy’s show didn’t end our marriage,” Shaw reflects, “but her career did. I don’t want to be a small part of someone’s life.” Cathy’s priorities were clear.

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“He flew to South Dakota the week after I got there to hold my hand through those traumatic times,” she marvels.

“We spent all our time together, even when we returned to California, splitting our lives between his place and mine.” David’s recollection of those events is less idyllic.

Aside from her typical 13-hour workdays on the set, she often labors two weekends a month making promotional appearances.

Believably, she sighs, “I don’t have a tremendous social life.” Last month, after five years of marriage and a separation of nearly two years, she and husband David Shaw, 37, filed mutually for divorce.

She and her brother, Phillip (“11 months younger to the day; my parents were on a roll”), spent most of their time shuttling between their dad’s South Dakota ranch (he’s also an Air Force base comptroller there) and their mom’s L. “She exposed me to life and let me take the best and leave the rest.” Sadly, she placed her father in the latter category. “He thought it was a nebulous, spacey way to go through life, that I had too much going for me to waste my time on such a pursuit,” says Cathy, whose ambition was sparked at 7 by seeing a show with her uncle, local musical comedy actor Tony Verdugo. “Now I feel we’ve finally put our problems behind us.” The father-daughter reunion took place last summer when Cathy returned to South Dakota frankly scared.