Ben foster dating

The rumored couple was spotted sharing a kiss while leaving E Baldi restaurant following a lunch date on Thursday (November 30) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Kat and David spent the rest of the day together and later attended a dinner hosted by jewelry designer Stephen Webster and film producer Hilary Shor to kick off the holiday season.

Ben, if you're watching, we'd love to get you back on, perhaps Monday or Tuesday, to talk about the "[Your interview] is very important and I'm sorry we had to drop you for the school teacher issue – but that was also very important."We're yet to see if Ben will accept the invitation to come back to Far from it, Ben!

People just can't face reality sometimes and unfortunately they're not "shallow" enough topics to appeal to the makers of the show.

Annabel does have a bright spot with her brother, Ben, such as getting to have personal discussions with him, when she picks him up from school.