Adult chat whispers

Deb had decided that due to the lack of fun recently she would join her friends on a night out clubbing, having spoken to a couple of the girls it was decided to make the evening fancy dress.

Deb Phoned her best mate Sally, Hi Sal what you wearing tonight?

Next her underwear, first Deb picked a thong but dissuaded it, looking through various knickers Deb finally decided on a pair of lace black knickers and a lacy push up bra.

Deb liked what she saw; it had been three months since her husband deployed over sea but more importantly another 2 months before his return.

Debs king dong and other various house hold objects had been used far to much to ease the passion within the hot pussy she so loved.

Moving into the bar Deb and Sally met up with the rest of their friend, some nine girls in all, wearing various fancy dress outfits some plain, other sexy but the two hottest were Deb then Sally by far.

As the night progressed all the girls were flirting and getting fairly pissed, none more so than Sally and Deb.

PM IS 35 TOKENS for 5 minutes I have many outfits, anime as simply ask questions but each is 10 tokens,. Be advised You may get lost, damaged, at your own risk.