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The Western boundary should be on a line with the sun at 1 P. It would include the land whicli a man could ride on horseback in two and a half days. He is always glad to welcome you to the store — whether you buy or not.

Two men started out from the only grove of trees and returned to the same landmark which became known as Pilot Grove. Licensed Embalmer and Undertaker, THE BREWER FURNITURE STORE RIDGEFARM, ILLINOIS Beautiful Furniture Period Furniture Durable Furniture A very large assortment of Rugs and Linoleum, with care- fully selected patterns, as we desire to please you with our service.

David Peterson, Mark Blakeney, Directors Finance — Rachel Davenport. Louise Mills Ted Henderson Co-chairmen History Committee Harrison Furchaso William Henry Harrison, Superintendent ol Indian Affairs, was acquainted with the chiefs of the Indian tribes living on either side of the Wabash River. Barber shops were operated by Davis, Skates, Charles Baum, Clyde Gilkey, George Baker, Everett Sams, and Claude Williams, Herb Baird owns the local barber shop at the present time. Now there are three shops in town and they are owned by Glen Williams, Mary Susan Loop, and Mary Meeker. Don was conductor of the band for a long period of time. The town is ^ located in one of the best farming sections of p the State. g BUSINESS BOOSTERS I First National Bank Banking and Farm Loans Dr.

Beth Carsman Parade — Wallace Deck, Don Hackler First Aid — Edith Williams Entertainment - John Jackson. This helped him negotiate a treaty with them in 1809 to buy land in the Northwest Territory to form new states. When Florence Mendenhall served in France as a nurse in World War I, one girl in her company was sent home because she bobbed her hair. Rafferty and Henthorn Hardware west side of State Street. Gerald was a member of the Dan- ville Municipal Band. It has electric lights, paved street;, ^ four churches, township high school, Carnegie ^ Library, and beautiful homes.

Ted Henderson Advertising - Steve Kelley, Mike Weiss, Carl Busby Concessions and Grounds — Joe Goodner, Jim Honnold Centennial Colors — red, white, blue Emblems — Carnegie Library, Harrison Purchase Monument Photographer — Verlin Biggs, Georgetown, 111. II Beckwith, 1879 Lottie Jones, I and II Williams Pearson Chapman Bros. Residents from here have become ambassadors, military leaders, editors, bankers, lawyers, teachers, administrators, authors, nurses, doctors, ministers, missionaries, business leaders, farmers, civic leaders and home makers. In 1939, at the 65th anniversary of our town held at the High School, Mayor Frank Carsman, Charies Brown and Toastmaster Don Brewer asked several business men to speak on Ridge Farm history. Jones observed that he liked this typical American town, made of a good stock, friendly, congenial, democratic, well-informed people who were never too busy to stop and talk. Turtle awaiting the interurban to Danville for the theatre, then dinner out. Each year a two-weeks Majestic Range Extravaganza Sale would be held, with daily serv- ing of hot biscuits and coffee. He and brother Jonah taught at Vermilion Grove, Ridge Farm and Pilot Grove.